Sunday, February 7, 2010

Female Vagaina Pictures I Have 10 Month Old Female Toy Poodle And She Has Been Bleeding From Her Vagaina Can She Be In Heat Already?

I have 10 month old female toy poodle and she has been bleeding from her vagaina can she be in heat already? - female vagaina pictures

Yes, that's 10 months at the time, heat a "first". They should be like her sterilization, as soon as this heat completed. You can reduce your chances of getting many types of ovarian cancer and breast cancer later in life if you can do before they reach the age 2nd You did not worry about unwanted puppies, and also avoided that to clean up after it again!


Gail H said...

Most women go into heat around 6 months ... others later. Yes, I believe, he began a thermal cycle. Within days, the bleeding will change to a yellow .. to accept the color of the discharge at this time for a partner. The cycle lasts about 21 days. Look for men hanging around and those that keep you in writing if you do not want to raise. Sterilization is not recommended in the heat of serious bleeding can occur.

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